Primitive Rug Hooking...crafting keepsakes one loop at a time

What I love most about primitive rug hooking is how naive and whimsical it is.
This very old art form evolved out of the utilitarian need to have warm coverings, whether for floor or bed.
The materials were old textiles the maker had on hand. The art work and themes came from their surroundings, drawn as best they could.

My hope is that you will join me in this adventure, to keep the craft of rug hooking alive and well and growing into the next generations.

I'm so glad you have come to visit. I hope I can be of help in providing the supplies and designs you need to start pulling loops :)

A little about me.
At a very young age my mom taught me to sew and Grandma taught me to knit.

From there I pursued so many textile crafts...except rug hooking! But sometimes our lives take serendipitous turns.

In 1998 my sister talked me into trying my hand at rug hooking and I was hooked from the first moment! All my other crafts, quilting, spinning, weaving, sewing have taken a back seat since I started my rug hooking business in 2003. I began by teaching classes and selling hand dyed wool at a quilt shop in Illinois. In 2009 I opened Designs In Wool website and in 2011 opened my Etsy shop.

During these years my husband and I have moved from Illinois to Minnesota to California and back to Minnesota, where we are enjoy spending time with the family and especially our grandchildren :)
I have written articles about my designs that have been featured in Rug Hooking Magazine, ATHA: Art of Rug Hooking, Wool Street Journal and Celebrations Magazine.
Thanks so much for visiting, Mary

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